Selecting a photocopier for your business is no small matter. You’ll be looking for a combination of features, reliability and an attractive price, but even if you buy your copier at a bargain price, for most businesses a professional-grade copier will still cost thousands of dollars. It only makes sense to protect this investment with routine maintenance and a service plan.
By selecting Tecprotocol for your copier maintenance and service needs, you can feel confident that your copier will be well looked after, preventing most common copier problems from ever occurring and ensuring that any problems that do arise will be corrected quickly, with the least possible amount of downtime.
With appropriate maintenance, you can extend the life of your photocopier by years – additional productive years that can add up to savings in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s worth making the decision about who will maintain and service your copier just as important as your decision about which copier to buy in the first place.
We’re proud to offer cost-effective copier maintenance and service plans with service calls costing just $99 anywhere in NYC. Trust us with your copier and we’ll reward you with years of savings on a copier that keeps on going and going.